Most of us have gone to the hospital. Sometimes as a patient, sometimes as a bystander or just as a visitor. How many of have watched the people sitting around there? I have spent some years in hospitals as a bystander. During all this time I have seen people who are fighting against their fate. We can see the patents […]

What reading gives

Many of us have read, ” The diary of a young girl. I started my reading habit through this book. I got this book from my mother. To be honest, this is the best gift I can get. Reading this book is an enlightening experience for me.After this book, I started reading other books. All these books gave me different […]


I have heard that the most of the people who talks about destiny. Some believes in destiny while others won’t. But I strongly believe in this destiny. In everything that is happening in our life there will be a reason. Strongly believe that it’s our destiny compelled us to take a decision and to follow that decision. Each and every […]


Seeking Knowledge About Hobbies? You Need To Read This Article!Certainly you’ve got hobbies, but have you ever explored all of your options? It’s important to understand what’s out there so you’ll get the foremost fun out of this life. Perhaps you’ve got certain hobbies, but maybe you would like to explore some more. Keep reading to learn about some great […]

Life goes on….

Whatever happens in your life. It will goes on, it doesn’t matter if you are success or failure. Many of us stucked in life due to some tragedies, maybe a love failure, maybe the death of our loved ones. Being locked down in your past means, whether it’s positive or negative means we are not changing or improving. Life is […]