What leads us to happiness

I have been busy with my job for past two and half years. I have travel four to five hours to and fro for almost every day. I have some free times only during this journey and due to the job pressure I will not in situation to enjoy this traveling process eventhough I traveling. But this unexpected Corona phase […]

I have no regrets…

My mother has diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 50 died three years later. After seeing these painful process, I have asked her what did she achieved in her life. The answer is enlightening to me. Whatever I have done in my life is my responsibility and I no regrets about it. If I survive from this […]

What makes us stay  during this time

This quarantine time will be the most unexpected tragedy that we have faced in our lifetime. Almost 90% of activities are temporarily suspended. What we are going is really terrible situation. Most of the people lost their life because of this disease and still the disease is spreading without control. Many people lost their job and income.  My father  said […]


Sometimes living in your memories will be the best experience. Memories shape your personality. Through recollecting your past,some incidents gives you happiness while others make little sad. I always love to live in memories. Because it keeps mind alive. Through recollecting my memories I can see my loved ones in which is separated by death. It’s little bit exciting when […]


We all been busy with our lives. This Corona has gave unexpectedly gave some free time for us. During this time I was just trying to recollect all my past memories in happens in life. When I recollected about the incidents of past, what I have understood is to certain extent I am blessed. I am blessed I have job. […]

Giving power to her wings

I have reread the book. Let her fly – Ziauddin Yousafzai. When I read this book, what I have understood is throughout the history of the world, women are marginalized due to specific reasons.Our society has created certain boundaries for women, and it is not allowed to go beyond that. Now to a certain extent, it has changed. But still, they are […]


Optimism is quality to look on the passive side. Confidence will not lead to success always, but it helps you overcome the frustration and helps you to move to achieve real success. An optimist always focuses on what’s right about everything. An optimist still believes that they have the power to make good things happen. Both the optimist and pessimist […]

The books that influenced me…

I am not a voracious reader. But I spend some time for reading when ever time allow me to read. As reader some books influenced me a lot. 1. When Breath Becomes air, Paul kalanithi: This book made realize that death is the ultimate reality that we are going to face. This book is an unforgettable, lifelife-affirming reflection on the […]


History gives the wisdom to understand what is right and what wrong. History is a subject to be analyzed. History helps us to judge wisely. I have realized by examining the past is whatever achievement doesn’t matter one day, we all die. Throughout history, we have seen the great kings who tried to conquer the world. But they all failed […]