Recently I have completed two books:

  1. Revolution 2020( Chethan Bhagat) and.
  2. Life is what you make it (Preeti Shenoy)

I am not going to share my review of these books but I just wanted to share my experience when I have read these two. I was not interested in reading when I was a child, and I am also against reading and spending money to buy books. What my parents told me is you will definitely enjoy reading once you start. I didn’t understand what they meant!

When I grew up I slowly started reading. But I haven’t seen any interesting. One day I asked my parents, how they’re enjoying reading process. Their answer was exciting to me. What they said is β€œyou try to imagine all the incidents that is described in the book. Try place you as the one of the central character of the book or try to imagine that all these incidents is happening in front of you. Slowly I started enjoy reading because of this reading. But I was not voracious reader. When I joined for a job my reading habit started vanishing.

But when lockdown came unexpectedly I started reading once again and these two books was in the first in my list and completed it successfully. And I really experienced what my parents told me. I was seeing all the incidents that described in the books. And I can feel the vibe of these to books. Both this books touching to me.

16 thoughts on “My reading experience.

  1. Its a magical, magical place!
    Welcome to our world.
    Nothing beats having a good book and time on hands. Okay maybe, a good cup of chai too!

  2. Great, it is good to be reading novels, btw my father says that “kuch bhi nhi rkha hai novels me “,

    But I read whenever I get bored with my daily chaos and for motivation also and that too with ebooks because according to my father it’s money wastage πŸ˜‚
    I am reading nowadays two books at once “Rich dad and poor dad” and on the other hand from fictional one, “I too had a love story” from Ravindra Singh.
    And when I had read the Alchemist, it’s like I am totally inside the book and playing the role of shepherd, as I like to spend my time in dreams πŸ˜…
    Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely read it also. πŸ™‚

    1. Reading enriches you. We must prefer from different genres. It enlightening experience. Our mind will expand. Each book is an experience of the author. When we read several books from different categories,our mind becomes borderless. Only a borderless society can built borderless society.

        1. People are divided on the basis caste,religion, race, gender…………. I hate all these things. We must respect the people beyond all these things

          1. Yeah, you’re right we should respect the beyond all these things, that too I have specifically write poem on ‘the differences’ although it is about gender biases… but will surely write about these things too.

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