I have met one of my childhood  after ten years gap. We talked for some time before saying goodbye what he told me is ” you have changed  lot” both in my appearance and in my personaliy.  It compelled me to  think  about my life.   I was aware  about my change that has happened in my appearance  but to be frank  I was not aware  about changes that happened  in  my personality. When I  analyzed my past ten years of   life, what I realized is  he was true.   I  was a introvert during the time  he was studying with me.  I don’t talk much. But all these  these things changed during this period.

Change is a constant process.Everything around you will change. When I looked around me it was a shocking experience because the ground we used to play ground during my childhood days is filled with houses. Likewise the school and college I have studied, my fevorate hangout places during my childhood days…… everything around me is changed. All these changes is reflection of myself. What we can do is to accept the change all these changes.

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17 thoughts on “Everything around us is changing.

  1. Yes, I once told someone who was completely resistant to change, everything is in a constant state of change. If a person is not willing to change, he/she is not standing still, rather that person is going backward because the world it moving forward (mostly). As much as we might wish for ‘the good ole days’. They are not likely to ever come back. We have recently regressed some, but not in all areas. So, I wish you much luck and some newfound comfort with the changes in you. No need sweating the small stuff. Change is not life and death, but some of the recent concerns in the world are life and death.

  2. I read most of your blogs… Very well written 👍🏻… It makes me to keep read more and it is more sensible… I kinda see myself in your blogs while reading.,. Thank you for sharing your thoughts😊🥰

    1. Really happy to hear this. I am just sharing my experiences or what mind says. It’s really motivating me when the readers can relate this.😃🤝👍

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