What would you change if you get a second chance to change what has happened in life? Most probably it depends on their life. But most the most important question is, did we get any second chance in life to change our destiny or fate? Sometimes we may get a chance to solve the bad decisions that we made in life. Sometimes it may not.

My parents has always told me that you must think twice before taking any decision and it will be based on your wisdom or humanitarian concerns. Other wise you will have to pay it with your life or have to regret about your decision. But I have taken some bad decisions in life I have regrets about it, now I will not get the chance to change my decision.

We most analyze things with peace of mind not with emotions. Sometimes emotions compell you take bad decisions in life.

18 thoughts on “Second chances

      1. I’ve always loved reading your post. You write beautiful words and so meaningful. I’m catching up with reading the posts now since I’m finally sorted most of my personal stuff at home😁

        1. 🥰👍great…. no words to exprss my gratitude…. I was not confident while starting the blog. Now I am 100% sure that I can share a lot and make improvement….😍

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