For past few days my life was going through a little though process. My whole family was facing health issues and related troubles.

But more than being in this situation what made me more sad is one of my friend called me after long time and shared his tragic events that happened in life. ( I sharing his experience)

What amazed me is even though he has gone through all these problems he is still optimistic in his approach. I asked him how you keep this approach?He just smiled and said everything around us is temporary and it pass. If my attitude towards life is true. I will succeed if it is wrong I will fail.

To me, it’s not easy to stay calm during my hard times. I will be easley get frustrated by all these things. Maybe it’s difference of approach towards life.

30 thoughts on “What happens if everything around us goes against our wishes.

    1. Yes..everything around us well change except our achievement. Because we achieved it through our hardwork. It’s hard to keep consistent eraspective of our situations.

  1. Every thing is temporary and it shall pass. Very true. But it needs great patience to build a solid attitude towards them. It’s not easy but not impossible. That’s why I say Meditate. It brings you closer to this Supreme power n builds a peace within us. Nice πŸ‘

  2. I know personally I have lost many hours of my life to worry and asking the question “What if?” What has been we cannot change. But what is now we can choose, to make what comes the best it can be. Let us care about each other and the world we inhabit. Let us choose kindness. β™₯

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