What I have realized throughout last few months is that being alone will help to understand ourselves better. For past years I have been going through some crisis both my personal, academic and professional life and I am in a totally confused situation. I don’t know what to do or how to move forward in life. After  my graduation I  got  job within  three month  gap. Everybody was really happy when I got  job. But  my happiness was vanished when time has passed. Certain questions are raised in my mind. Is this the life  I wanted to  lead ? Am  I  fit for the  job?like this lot of  questions  raised  in my mind.

Throughout  these years  being these hectic  schedule    I didn’t get  the chance to  think  about myself. But the lock down period  has helped me  to think about my self.

I analyzed both my positive and negative sides. The the things I love and hate.  And this time also  gave me a chance to  look around  and to understand what other people contribute to the society.  What I understood is  just merely focusing on my career should focus on my dreams and try to contribute to society as well.

What I have realized is things such education, job, money…can’t bring you happiness instead being your self makes you more happy or being creative makes more happy. I have realized all these things when I became alone.

We start to talk to ourselves when we are alone. We try to recollect our past analise. When we analise all these things we will understand the reason behind our success and failure. We will understand our mistakes committed, the good things we have done in life. I am sure that spending some time alone will help us to find the real purpose of life because it’s the time we are talking to ourselves.

33 thoughts on “Being alone

  1. Congratulations Shadawss! I have nominated you for the Kennedy Award of Excellence! Please see my latest blog post for details! I look forward to reading your response to the questions upon acceptance of the award! ?????

  2. Wise words these are. When we’re alone, we are able to connect to ourselves better and get to know our mind and soul. In the usual rush around us, it’s difficult to take out alone time which is bad

  3. Wonderful blog and fantastic photographs telling their own stories! I tend to go on rants when inspired to talk or write and this essay of yours does that to me, but, I’m going to focus on one thing for now! You mentioned being creative brings happiness, and, I see that we are made in the likeness of God which spells out to me, who could be more creative than God! So, in being creative we are mimicking or reflecting back to God that quality God bestowed upon us which surely speaks volumes to me about happiness as well as purpose.

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