Three years has passed since my mother’s death was happened. I was thinking how my life would be if she was alive? I am sure it will be completely different. Some incidents changes our life into a different way. We may think that our life will different if a certain incident didn’t happened in our life.

This three years have taught me the value of relationships. As a social being our life is surrounded with many people some people are our blood relation some are our friends , neighbors or coworkers. What ever, we must realise the value of all these relationships. Because all us die oneday and we must express our concern and love to all before all of die. Because death is the ultimate reality and we have faced through the separation of our loved ones and we will also die oneday.

In christianity, we beautifully decorate our graveyard. We show all our love in this graveyard. Their name will be written in the marble stone and there will be touching quotes from bible. But more than doing all these things we must give our care and love when all these people are alive.

54 thoughts on “Three years of my life.

          1. Wow that’s great!
            Yes I’m safe by God’s grace ?
            Nothing much we are simply left free since a month. No studies at all.

            How about your job?

          2. That’s good.Joined on duty going well. Let’s wait for the best. Things will change. Locked down gave us the chance to do our interested things

  1. Well written. We need to appreciate people while they are alive and well, with us. But at the same time, we should express our love and respect for those who left us. Hope you’re fine now.

    1. Even though I was with my mother. I forgot to give my 100%. But now I regret about my life. I can be better son. Now I am trying to be better human being to give best to others. Because Iife if I lost my loved ones or when I face death I don’t feel guilty.

  2. Yes, it is important to value the memory of the person we loved when they have died. But it is even more important to truly appreciate them when they are alive, and communicate our love to them. Life is so short ….

    1. I always love to live in memories. Because there I can see my real self. What I realized is that it was not my mother who died on that day, it was myself.

  3. So true !
    We need to tell our loved ones how much we care them and love them while they are with us.
    And at the same time , we should also express our gratitude and love for those who left us.
    And yes, true value of anything can only be understood better when they are left, so it is better to understand their importance before.
    Btw, sorry for your loss. She is always with you brother !
    Spread Love !?

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