We all have certain blessings in life. I still remember the time I started realizing my blessing. I have seen people who don’t have money to buy food. There are many people who is talented than me but they don’t get the opportunity to do their education. I have seen people who educated than me but dosen’t have job.

I have seen people who lost their parents at their childhood.Now realize that each and everything that I got in my life is a blessing. I should utilize it and give my best to the society.

What I have realized throughout my life is we must have a inner eye to see the things that is happening around us. Each experience will give us inner or the wisdom to become more humble. Life becomes more simple,easy and when we start to count our blessings. This will help us to lead meaningful.

39 thoughts on “I am thankful for what life has given me

  1. True words. Once we start appreciating what we have, it seems to be so much more than we thought we had. Gratefulness is the key to living a happy life. Let’s all count our blessings please.

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