Today I have gone to my mother’s graveyard. It’s been long time I haven’t gone there.   Each time I go there there  will  be something new to study.  Today some some  time there. I  just  recollected my  good times with my mother.  What she always told me  is to lead meaningful life because whatever we achieve  our final destination  is this grave she has realized in young age itself. She has read about it some books.

The another thing I have understood is  each life will be part of history. It may be long period or it short. It is part of history.

We don’t have any security for our life.  When I saw the date of birth and death that wrote on the graveyard it was  really shocking. Because I  seen  the people died at my age. Some people at earlier than me.  It made realise that I should spend  time more meaningfully. Because  tomorrow I may die.

I know  I will die but don’t know when. Maybe tomorrow, or ten years later but before death comes I have to give my best to this world.

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  1. I am sorry for your loss. May the good legacy your Mother left behind live in in you. May we all make the best of each day and love and appreciate our family and friends at every given opportunity! Blessings! ????

      1. It is an old Brazilian song, sang by one of the most talented Portuguese women of my generation, Raquel Tavares. She decided to re-record old songs from the Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos.

        My language is beautiful, and I am glad you felt it!

        have a lovely week! <3

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