Most important thing I wanted to say is life has given me opportunity to live my life fully. Life has taught me not all our dreams are to be achieved. Life has taught me some times you have live according to other’s dreams but still there is a chance to achieve your goals or express talents, all we have to do is take action for achieving it.

Each and everything that is happening in our life is for a reason. Life will be more meaningful if we have good relationship. There will be good people and bad people aviode the bad people even if they are blood because we can’t change them. But we must keep space for them to help them when they want and try keep relation with good people. They create positive change.

I am thank full to the life. Because life has given me lots memorable experiences to keep in mind. I am utilizing to move forward.

19 thoughts on “What life has taught me….

  1. You mentioned about blood there i mean blood relation right? That’s very true and it is highly relatable with me too there are many people who don’t want us to reach peaks those people always there to pull us down and all we need to work hard and do our best!!!!!
    A good read!!!✌✌?

    1. Don’t worry…all we have to do is to prove ourselves. Some people dosen’t have the capability to understand us. They recognize us when we reach heights. There are people who love us and support eventhough they are not our blood stay close to them and never mind early type of peoples.

  2. True words! A lot of times it’s the blood relations that are taking a toll on us, and we don’t even realise where the negative impact is from. We need to learn to live life to the fullest!

    1. All we can do is love the world. We will get it back. Sometimes it gets from unexpected person. I have realized that there is no importance in blood relationship.

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