Being alone

What I have realized throughout last few months is that being alone will help to understand ourselves better. For past years I have been going through some crisis both my personal, academic and professional life and I am in a totally confused situation. I don’t know what to do or how to move forward in life. After  my graduation I  […]

Three years of my life.

Three years has passed since my mother’s death was happened. I was thinking how my life would be if she was alive? I am sure it will be completely different. Some incidents changes our life into a different way. We may think that our life will different if a certain incident didn’t happened in our life. This three years have […]

My mother’s graveyard….

           Today I have gone to my mother’s graveyard. It’s been long time I haven’t gone there.   Each time I go there there  will  be something new to study.  Today some some  time there. I  just  recollected my  good times with my mother.  What she always told me  is to lead meaningful life because whatever we achieve  our final destination  is […]

What life has taught me….

Most important thing I wanted to say is life has given me opportunity to live my life fully. Life has taught me not all our dreams are to be achieved. Life has taught me some times you have live according to other’s dreams but still there is a chance to achieve your goals or express talents, all we have to […]