I was born in family in which education was their prime preference. My mother was worked as a teacher in the beginning of her career. Later she started working at university.

Being a person who is working in educational field she is determined to give us best education and my father is also interested in giving us the education.

To me studying is a horrible process. I was a below average student.But my parents are determined that make me study. Finally they succeeded I just graduated because of determination.

But when I joined college my approach towards education has changed. The five year of studying made me realize education is the best way to change.

During my childhood days my parents compelled me read books but I didn’t give much importance. Later I also started reading. This also changed my mindset towards life.

Now, I am thankful to giving me the education. Because it has given me confidence to do the things independently. Education helped me to realize both my negative and positive sides of character. I am so thankful to my giving education.

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    1. That’s true each and every incident gives us the knowledge. But what the formal education gives is we must have the opportunity to to meet from different caste, religious, racial and gender background. I think all these boundaries reduce during formal education. We will get the chance intract all these people.

  1. My mother always tells even to this day, that people can pull and take away everything from you. They can strip the clothes off your back and drain your wallet, but what they’ll never gain control over is education. EVER! Using that you can get back everything you lost. This was a great post highlighting the independence you do get it from it! ?

    1. Yes…. your mother is right. Especially in the case of women. Both the men and women must get educated but the benefit of educating women will create positive changes in society.

  2. I want to be a student throughout my life so that I could learn learn and learn. Learning is very vast and in life through education we get lots of knowledge which is priceless.
    As Valluvar said “Katravarku sendra idamellam sirappu” in his book “The Kural”

    1. Life is a constant process learning…. what the formal education is doing is making us more power to learning. Thank you for sharing valuable information… give me more insight

  3. Well written words of wisdom. At an early age, we do not understand the importance of education and curse it, but with time we do. That’s the only path to change. Stay safe everyone:))

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