I have been busy with my job for past two and half years. I have travel four to five hours to and fro for almost every day. I have some free times only during this journey and due to the job pressure I will not in situation to enjoy this traveling process eventhough I traveling. But this unexpected Corona phase has given us lot of free time.

I am person who always love to live in memories. And this free time has taken me to my past memories. My wonderful past with my parents, friends and other loved ones. When I recollected all those moments I realized that  I was a blessed  person. I was surrounded with my most loving people and blessed with most  wonderful memories. Now  I  have missing all this things.  While saying this  you may  think that I am not respecting my job.  What I have realized within last two and half years is  this not I  want.

This Corona period has also shown us that everything around us is temporary. What I wanted to share with you is do the things that makes you happy or based own talents. True success depends upon how happy you are. Not base on your education, wealth or job and status. Don’t try judge people on the basis of this background. All these things come to you. If you enrich your talents and dreams.

In society’s perspective,life has given me everything that needed to human being is needed. But in perspective I didnt achieved anything. What I wanted is to contribute to the society based on my ability.

21 thoughts on “What leads us to happiness

  1. Your perspectives are sooo true and valid.
    I’ve always felt people do judge others based only on their education status and wealth and even on how they look.
    I just hate that.
    These things are not the ultimate defining factors of a person’s charecter and his identity.
    A person is much more than his wealth and status.
    I respect your perspectives and views. Written and expressed very well.❤

  2. Yes, all things are temporary. What we have is just on loan for a brief time. The way we use or enhance things is by the we live. If we live with the goal of doing for and helping others, what we have means little. It is the smile, the expression, the words of the person receiving our love via our interaction with them. Agape love is given from the heart without expectation of anything in return. “Love thy neighbor as thyself . . ..” Blessings!

  3. Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award! Check out my blog for more details and I look forward to reading your responses to my questions?

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