My mother has diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 50 died three years later. After seeing these painful process, I have asked her what did she achieved in her life.

The answer is enlightening to me. Whatever I have done in my life is my responsibility and I no regrets about it. If I survive from this disease I will follow what I done in my life. If I die, I will happily because I have done my part well. She has expelled at that day.

Life is not how long you lived. It depends on how wisely you have spend your life. I strongly believe in karma. Our karma changes our life

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  1. The loss of our mother is like no other loss. She is our lifeline to this life. She nourished us from conception until the day she died. As we matured, the manner in which she nourished us changed in accordance. My mother died many years ago, and I still miss her. There are days I wish I could sit down and talk with her in a friend to friend way. She taught me so very much, but I did not realized just how much until she was gone. I understand the loss about which you write. Always remember, if you miss something, or feel like you missed something, with or about her–try to pass that interaction down to your children and grandchildren. My prayers are with you! Blessings!

  2. Your mother must have been a great soul, she’s exactly right. Whatever we give to the world, comes back to us in some form or the other. I don’t exactly believe in karma, but in good deeds.

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