This quarantine time will be the most unexpected tragedy that we have faced in our lifetime. Almost 90% of activities are temporarily suspended. What we are going is really terrible situation. Most of the people lost their life because of this disease and still the disease is spreading without control. Many people lost their job and income. 

My father  said that he never gone through a situation like this. He never spend his alone. He has gone for job during his young years. He  spend  free  time with friends or relatives especially  for last 3 years. After my mother’s death  it’s  difficult to spend time in home.

I am also very busy with my job for past few years. To spend time in home without doing anything is  tough process. Both of us are really irritated to spend like this. What the reality is everyone is facing  same situation. But what helped us to stay positive during this time is reading. We started to read all the books we kept on the shelf. Even though the situation around us is negative we just find our happiness in reading.

21 thoughts on “What makes us stay  during this time

      1. I was reading Dr. Faustus but I feel kinda boaring so I jumped to a novel, actually it’s a love story! “Love last forever only if you don’t marry your love” by Vikrant Kanna!

        1. Nice… love story is interesting to read. You are the best wife by Ajay k pandey is the one of the touching love story I have ever read

  1. True, this is an unprecedented time none of our family members have also ever gone through. Let’s all stay safe and healthy. What kind of books are you reading? It really gives true happiness.

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