I have reread the book. Let her fly – Ziauddin Yousafzai. When I read this book, what I have understood is throughout the history of the world, women are marginalized due to specific reasons.Our society has created certain boundaries for women, and it is not allowed to go beyond that. Now to a certain extent, it has changed. But still, they are facing some obstacles. Society believes that women should marry at a certain age because of this institution of marriage, their right for education is violated.

Even if she educated, the community is not much interested to send them for a job. In my opinion, women should be appropriately trained, and they must go for employment. An educated woman can make changes in society than an educated man. Women can easily influence their children if they are educated and employed; their positive will reflect on their children.

Our society has an attitude that women shouldn’t do certain things. But the present world gives women equal rights and opportunities to fulfil dreams ambitions. It may be tough to accept the concept of women’s equality to the people who are born in a patriarchal society.

I things are getting changed. Now women are getting opportunities to prove their talents. But still, women are facing some serious problems from their workplace society and family. All these things should be solved only if culture starts to think freely. If women are not equally treated in society means that society is not developed.

11 thoughts on “Giving power to her wings

  1. Yup its totally correct. Still there are several families, societies, communities exists where women are facing restrictions and unable to build there career. Women are always oppressed due to the wrong decision of men and they have to accept the wrong decision or right. For women to move forward, men will have to come forward and change their thinking and women also have to fight for their rights so that every woman is educated and then every family becomes educated.

    1. There are countries which women are treated equally, and women reach in key positions and they freely interacting with men. Both this people don’t have ego problems. When we interact without thinking gender differences, whether it’s in family, office or in friendship. In family both the husband and wife or father are equally important. In office it depends on the talent of a person who reaches in best of their career not their gender. In friendship our wave length matters than male or female.

  2. True.. but not everywhere.. and still there is a need of changes alot. There are countries where women has to do what their men want her to do. If she has a dream then men will first think n decide so if there is a yes she can go for her dream but if even she is on right path and for right aim if men will say no then woman can’t go against… or maybe she has to run away from her house to make her dream come true…. or maybe she will do according to her family’s wish… this is the truth…. because i myself have seen this scene in many families….n i don’t think there is any issues regarding this outside whether it is a office whether it is friend zone….. the problems like these arises only in husband wife relationship where there are few men who are of these kind of mentality and problem arises in those kind of families where women has to do according to their male person in house….. so it totally depends…

  3. Hi I’m also reading the book of malala, who won Nobel prize. Yes her story was shaking. How women undergo this much discrimination and she is so great that in her very young age she has achieved. But her father’s support is the main reason for her success. Definitely some helping hand should be there for everyone who undergo difficulties.

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