I am not a voracious reader. But I spend some time for reading when ever time allow me to read. As reader some books influenced me a lot.

1. When Breath Becomes air, Paul kalanithi: This book made realize that death is the ultimate reality that we are going to face. This book is an unforgettable, lifelife-affirming reflection on the challenge of facing death and on the relationship between doctor and patient, from a brilliant writer who both.

2 The Kite Runner, Khalid Hosseini: This book picturise the result of war and invasion and the pain of separation. This story goes through the life of two children Hassan and Amir. This book shows how war and invasion effected their country and the pain of separation between them and with their nation.

3. You are the best wife,Ajay k pandey: This book is book is love story a man’s memory about his late wife. This book made realize the love will never end.

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    1. I am going well and what about you?You can try the books I have mentioned in this content. Githanjali is different experiences. I am totally addicted to the word….reading geethajali was a long term process. I have completed reading. I didn’t understand fully. It’s a feeling. I have taken almost two years to read this book. Another book is Dairy of a young girl. Currently I trying to read vedas.

      1. Waaaw…. awesome collection uh have….. waaw amazing…… yeah sure…. i will note it…. the names of books…. definitely…. i will read…. uh took two years…. i don’t know how much time i will take… ?… I’m beginner……. to this….. but yeah i will try…… for sure…. but yeah thnku sooo much my friend…… Githanjali, Dairy of a young girl and vedas…. got it… ?????… thnku once again my friend ???

        1. I am sure that you can read Githanjali. It’s a experience you can’t describe it words. The books like The Kite Runner, When breath becomes air, you are the best wife. Diary of a young girl is also very much touching. All this books made me cry.

          1. Ohhh… really.. now i guess…. if your telling at this extent then I’m sure this book would be close to uh if it made uh cry……… sure my friend i will read it out… for sure… definitely…. ??

          2. Yes yes…. i can sense it by ur explanations…. about ur feelings after reading these books… so definitely i will read them…. I’m sure????

          1. I’m preparing for a competitive exam actually and it’s a very big responsibility to qualify this exam…. so i was like…. i want to build a habit of reading books… earlier i had but i lost it when i became serious alot for my studies in school days… so i was alot of focused to my studies .. but now… i want to focus on my aim… want to gain power to focus, read, and all…

          2. We can win competitive exams if we have the focus and heard work. I have seen how my sister has worked hard for her medical entrance. To me it was horrifying. Reading always keep us alive. My parents also read lot. I think reading motivates us to study more. My mother was always interested to study further.

          3. Exactly friend…. thats what i said… only for this i want to read books to maintain my reading habits and understanding as well as… it will help me alot….. about what extent I’m going on with my studies, how hard, work hard, that i can’t explain… no one can …. but yeah… we know that what we are been through or going through… friend…. but yes reading is forever….

          4. Studying is a constant process. Books are unavoidable part for this studying process. My mother told me how she is influenced by books.

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