Many of us have read, ” The diary of a young girl. I started my reading habit through this book. I got this book from my mother. To be honest, this is the best gift I can get. Reading this book is an enlightening experience for me.
After this book, I started reading other books. All these books gave me different experiences.

I feel like the events described in the book are happening around me. This compelled me to take literature as my main for graduation.
Reading expands our knowledge. It develops your creativity. Each book gives us a different experience. To me, the text made me more humble. Reading expanded my mind. Still, I thank my mother for giving me such a gift because it changed me and my life.

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    1. Yes… we find some time for reading. For past I didn’t have much time for reading. But I found time during late nights. But during locked down days I have enough time read. This makes happy.

  1. Her innocence mixed with fear is well penned in this book. Her relation with the family and her desires. This is truly one of the best book to read. And we people complaining about being locked down in our homes while she was in her secret annex for 23 months.

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