Think and grow rich

Our life is fully dependent on what we think. If think negatively our actions will be based that. If we are positive it will be positive. So we must fill our thought process with healthy, productive, lovable attitude.

We can’t stay positive everytime. But have the power to divert our mind all negatives. So change your thought pattern from negative to positive.We must try to do what makes happy.

It’s not your situation defines success, it’s only thought process. So whenever failure, sadness, rejection… all just shift your mind from all these negatives and count your blessings. Try to do what you love.

13 thoughts on “A man is what he thinks about all day long:- Ralph Waldo Emerson

  1. You are right! ?

    We can’t stay positive all the time, but when we are, we can make the best use out of that period, by being committed into what we love doing.

    So when negative thoughts come, it won’t bring our mindset down. We can just reposition our mindset to positivity once again ??

      1. I can totally relate to this.

        When I start thinking negative thoughts, I just get up and start writing, then when I start enjoying the process of writing, the negative thoughts vanishes ?

  2. Oh, it’s like God is speaking to me through the very first post I’ve read on your site. It’s so hard to be positive but while I’m at it, thats very good advice to hold on to it for as long as I possibly can. I’ve just recently begun being consciously positive about things and practicing gratitude more often than not.

    1. Happy to hear that. For past 5 years I have gone through this issue. What affected negatively is my mother’s disease and sudden death but when I tried to treasure good my good moments that spend with mother. And started think about the people who lost their parents in childhood onwards. This gave me power to think positively. At least I got mother for past 24 years… in verst situation we must try to recollect atleast blessing God has given us at will give us the strength to move on

  3. Well said..
    We can’t be positive all the time, sometimes negativity preoccupy our mind but at that time its important to control and manage our thought process towards positively…even though its still a very hard task.

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