We all know we will die one day. Only thing we are not sure about our death is how, from where, and when we will die?

Wherever you go, what ever you achieve oneday we will die. It doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor, we will die. It doesn’t matter if we are good or bad we will die.

Throughout the history we have seen people are conquering the world but they all have died. What ever we achieve in life the ultimate destination is grave.

I strongly believe that death makes ou life meaningful because if there is beginning there will be an end. If the people around us miss after our death. That will be the real success. We must make our life more meaningful before we die. Because it we be after the death we are going to live in the mind of people. The people around us always remember our karma whether it is good or bad.

14 thoughts on “Death makes our life more purposeful

    1. Everyone of us have the chance to make our life more meaningful. If a person still lives in our heart even after their death. Death is not ultimate end. It’s new beginning. Stay safe and God bless

  1. Death is a very sensitive topic for most of the human beings to embrace it positively. But your words have magically made it so positively accepting ,the fact of the life. And given a new meaning to ‘death ‘. Truely motivating.

    1. Thank you for grasping the true meaning. We must try tohistory of world. So many people die around us. But people’s death creates pain among us. That’s because they influenced us. It’s not how long we lived, it’s about what we have done in life

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