Most difficult thing in life is to choose right thing at right time. We all have gone through this crisis at least once in lifetime, which course should we prefer for our higher studies, which person should be preferred as partner…. but my experience is we must choose things based on our talents or for the well-being of the society […]

When karma becomes prayer

Our karma is our prayer. It doesn’t matter if believe in God or not. We will be judged on the basis of our karma. Galatians- 6:7- Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for what ever one sows that will he reap. Mathew- 7: 12- So whatever you would like that might do to you are doing also to […]

My reading experience.

Recently I have completed two books: Revolution 2020( Chethan Bhagat) and. Life is what you make it (Preeti Shenoy) I am not going to share my review of these books but I just wanted to share my experience when I have read these two. I was not interested in reading when I was a child, and I am also against […]

To understand the depth of relationship

I think the most complicated thing that exists in this world is our relationship. Our life is surrounded with family, friends and other people. We believe that our relationship is strong, and they stand by whatever happens in life. We give everything to them to keep them close. But the most painful reality is when you face problems in life […]

Everything around us is changing.

I have met one of my childhood  after ten years gap. We talked for some time before saying goodbye what he told me is ” you have changed  lot” both in my appearance and in my personaliy.  It compelled me to  think  about my life.   I was aware  about my change that has happened in my appearance  but to be […]

What makes life more comfortable?

Each person express their love different ways. Most times love makes us blind and try to dominate them with our love. What I wanted to know is, what will be the best thing you can give to your loved ones? To me it’s understanding. Because strongly believe that lack understanding creates lot of problems. Everyone has their own talents and […]

Second chances

What would you change if you get a second chance to change what has happened in life? Most probably it depends on their life. But most the most important question is, did we get any second chance in life to change our destiny or fate? Sometimes we may get a chance to solve the bad decisions that we made in […]